Escape Life's little stresses with a manicure or pedicure
Each service consists of a warm anti-bacterial soak, nail shaping, cuticle trimming, foot callus buffing, relaxing massage and a stunning polish. Add paraffin for moisture or a scrub for exfoliation.

Urban Manicure



35 minutes

Metro Manicure



45 minutes - Includes paraffin

Posh Manicure



50 minutes - Includes Paraffin & Scrub

Shellac Manicure



60 minutes

Urban Pedicure



55 minutes

Metro Pedicure 



75 minutes - Includes Paraffin

Posh Pedicure



80 minutes - Includes Paraffin & Scrub

Shellac Pedicure



60 minutes

Shellac Polish Add On's 


Soak-off polish overlay that dries instantly and lasts up to 2-4wks. NO length added.

Hands Shellac Application Only




Shellac Add on to any Mani/Pedi


Hands 10mins - $10
Feet 15mins - $12

Full Shellac Removal


Soak, removal, cut/file, massage
Hands- 30mins - $31
Feet- 30mins - $40

French Style Polish



Add French style polish to any shellac manicure or pedicure

Gel Nails



Coming Soon

Gel Fill



Gel Overlay



Gel Nail Removal



Coming Soon

Gel Nail Art 



Add a description here

Little Princess/Prince Services

Mani (11 & Under)


30 minutes 

Pedi (11 & Under)


35 minutes

Facial (11 & Under) 


45 minutes


Deep Exfoliating Facial


60 minutes - A custom facial catered to your individual skin needs. Deeply exfoliates the outer layer to rejuvenate the complexion for a healthy look. Enjoy deep cleansing, exfoliating, corrective, purifying, massage, hydrating mask and eye compress

Princess/Prince Facial (12 & Under)


40 minutes  

Teen Facial (13-16)



Chemical Peel

$95 each or 4 for $325

45 minutes - A topical solution is applied that exfoliates the uppermost layers of the skin to rejuvenate the complexion for fresh young-looking skin.
Latic Peel - for the first signs of aging, dry skin, exfoliates.
Derm Renewal Peel - hydration, congested, fine lines.
Glycolic Peel - wrinkles, photo-aging, dull, imperfections.
Salicylic Peel - oily, acne, photo-aging, deep cleansing.

Chemical Peel Added to Facial



Oxygen Facial

$130 or 5 for $575

70 minutes - This revolutionary treatment is designed to clear the complexion and breathe life back into the skin. Purifying & revitalizing for oily to acne-prone skin experiencing dullness & stress.


$135 or 4 for $475

70 minutes - Soothe and intensely moisturize your skin with this thermo-cooling treatment, designed to minimize the appearance of redness and provide ultimate relief to sensitive skin.


$135 or 4 for $475

75 minutes - Anti-aging treatment specifically formulated to visibly lift and firm the face and neck. Profoundly improves hydration and improves the tone for a youthful radiant appearance.

Sea C Spa

$150 or 4 for $515

80 minutes - Powerful antioxidants revitalize & energize to enhance elasticity with 15% Vitamin C & Seaweed. Perfect before/after sun exposure.

Collagen 90-11

$165 or 5 for $695

80 minutes - This exclusive, highly acclaimed, intensely rejuvenating treatment dramatically reduces visible lines & wrinkles. Energizing serum & collagen pellicle leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. 

Botinol (Botox Like)

$170 or 4 for $595

75 minutes - Innovative & non-invasive treatment that is anti-aging, with long lasting visible results that immediately reduce expression lines with a boost of radiance.

Photo Facial

$200/275 or added to a facial $145/200

Stimulate & tighten collagen fibers to restore elasticity & firmness, corrects fine lines, correct age spots & vascular, uneven skin tones and reduce pores. Using our IPL Laser machine, this treatment can be done on it's own or added to any facial.

Collagen Subline Eye Contour

$55 or 4 for $190

ADD ON 30 minutes - Collagen serum, pellicle and cream visibly decrease dark circles, puffiness & expression lines.


Relaxation Massage (Back, Neck & Shoulders)


40 minutes - Swedish massage soothes aches and pains, while promoting circulation and relaxation.

Relaxation Massage (Full Body)


55minutes - Swedish massage soothes aches and pains, while promoting circulation and relaxation.

Lava Stone Massage


75 minutes - An ancient treatment which will relax your mind and nourish your soul while releasing energy via chakra points. Volcanic stones charged by the sun create a sense of lightness, as tension is massaged away. 

Vichy Rain Treatment

A prestigious European treatment that takes relaxation to a new level. As you lay under the Vichy Waterfall, you will be engulfed with a deeply relaxing & luxurious sensation. Stimulates lymphatic system, aiding in the function of the immune system.         2 Options

Aromatherapy Head Massage


60 minutes - Warm essential oils are massaged into the hair, head & back, using special techniques that unblock chakra points. Restoring energy flow, reducing stress, anxiety & depression. Recommended to leave oil in hair for 6 hrs.

Vichy Rain Warm Body Polish


70 minutes - A vigorous aromatic polish that eliminates dead skin cells plus therapeutic rain & rehydrate with a light massage. Leave silky smooth with complete bliss in body & soul.

Aromatic Droplet Massage


Our most prestigious Aromatic Droplet Massage is a pure escape designed to help you reconnect your physical & energetic balance. This ritual begins with a series of six essential oils along your spine, followed by a hypnotic, full body and foot massage. This massage harnesses the healing power of aromatherapy.

Vichy Rain Clay Body Wrap


80 minutes - An invigorating body brush exfoliates while preparing the skin to be enveloped with an enriched clay. Hugged by a thermal blanket aiding detoxification & absorption.
Relax, Revive and Rejuvenate

Cupping Massage

This healing & corrective massage pull toxins and inflammation from deep layers of muscles, fascia & circulatory system. This massage uses Bellabaci healing oils during this beneficial experience as the cups glide over the body bringing a “pinking” to the skin but not bruising. This will leave you feeling relaxed for the body, mind and soul.
                Upper Body.. $90
                Full Body.. $105



Reflexology is a type of massage that involves applying different amounts of pressure to the feet, hands, and ears. It may provide pain and stress relief, among other benefits.



Reiki is an energy healing technique in which a Reiki master (who has undergone formal training in this healing art) uses gentle hand movements with the intention to guide the flow of healthy energy (what's known in Reiki as life force energy) through the client's body to reduce stress and promote healing.

DPC Laser Technology Services

More Information found Under the Laser Services Tab


Prices include stud earrings




Soft or European hard wax is used, so its less invasive on the skin, leaving you feeling silky smooth. Soft roller wax for legs & arms.

Eye Brows















Extended Bikini



Brazilian (full)

$48 +


Full Leg



Lower Leg



Upper Leg




We will individually place a synthetic mink lash one by one on your healthy lashes. Your application can be customized to your desired look of either a Natural or Sexy Cat Eye! 
No need for mascara
Each application takes about 85 min while you relax in a warm bed listening to spa music.
Fills take 55 min
Lasts up to 4-5 weeks (recommend fills every 4 weeks)

New Set- Classic Lash... individual 1:1 Ratio


75 minutes

Fill-Classic Lash

60 minutes ...... 4 week .........$70
                    ...... 4+ weeks .....$80

Lash Lift & Tint


60 mins- Give your natural lashes a little lift and curl with a light tint lasts 4-6wks.

New Set- Hybrid Lash... 30% classic + 70% Volume


90 minutes

New Set- Volume


90 minutes

Fill- Hybrid Lash

75 minutes.....3-4 week.... $95
                   ..... 4+ weeks... $115

Fill- Volume Lash

75 minutes...... 3-4 week...$105
                   ...... 4+weeks.... $120


Tinting gives lashes & brows the appearance of length, fullness & uniform colour lasting up to 4 weeks.

*Henna also stains the skin under the hair similar to microblading, lasting 6-7 weeks.

Eyelash Tinting


30 minutes

Eye Brow Tinting


25 minutes

Eye Brow Henna


45 minutes

Brow Lamination


45 mins- Brows are repositioned up and out to create a much fuller and feathered look. This transformation also includes a wax and tint. 


Packages MUST be booked/used in one appointment. Missed/Cancelled appointments will result in redeemed certificates or charge.
48 business hour cancellation policy. $25.00 + HST per hour booked.
*Deposit required for packages/group/side by side bookings

Mainstream Escape


2.75 Hours - Shellac Manicure, Urban Pedicure, Urban Facial

Modern Escape


2.75 Hours - Shellac Manicure, Urban Pedicure, 55 min Relaxing Body Massage

Polished Escape


3 Hours - Shellac Manicure, Metro Pedicure, Urban Peel Facial

Jet-Setter Escape


3 Hours - Shellac Manicure, Urban Pedicure, Lash Tint, Brow Wax, Underarm Wax Bikini Wax, Lower Leg Wax

Inner-City Escape


4.25 Hours - Shellac Manicure, Metro Pedicure, Aromatherapy Head Massage
Urban Facial

Upscale Escape


4 Hours - Shellac Manicure, Posh Pedicure, Urban Peel Facial
40 min Relaxation Massage

Posh Escape


4.75 Hours - Shellac Manicure, Posh Pedicure, Urban Facial, Lava Stone Massage

State-Of-The-Art Escape


4.75Hours - Shellac Manicure, Posh Pedicure, Oxygen Facial, Vichy Rain Warm Body Polish 

For Spa Packages

*May add Vichy Body Treatment to any package*
**Packages MUST be used in one appointment
*** 15 % Gratuity is added to all Spa Packages, Body Treatments, Bookings over an hour/ groups/ side by side services

VIP Passport


Travel around the world within Urban Spa with our uniquely designed passport, exploring each room with our most luxurious services. These prestigious spa experiences completely envelop relaxation. Enjoy exclusive savings & bonuses.
- Side by side Posh Pedicures
-IPL Laser- choose A)1 Hair Removal+ 2 pigment/vascular spots. B) 1 Partial Skin Rejuvenation
-Shellac Manicure
-Eyelash Extensions or Brow Shaping with Henna & Lash Tint
-Seasonal Shellac Manicure & Shellac Pedicure
-Vichy Rain Warm Body Polish
-Infused Scalp Massage
-Hydro Lifting Facial
-10% off IPL Packages
-Complete any Travel booking & receive a $100 Spa Credit
Bonus: All completed in 1 year receive an Aromatic Droplet Massage
Valued at $1230 

Booking Policies & Procedures

Booking: The best way to book an appointment with us is via text message to
Please include the following information in your message:
-Your name
-What service you would like to book
-Your availability
If you have a Gift Certificate please send us a picture to ensure that all your extras are booked correctly.
All pre-packages spa packages must be redeemed in one booking.

Deposits: We do require deposit for some of our bookings.
-New set of lashes
-Side by Side appointments
-Spa Packages
-Groups of more than 2 people and some premium holiday hours 
- Services 2+ hours of time
-Any Body Care or Facials

Cancelation: We do follow a 24-72 business hour cancelation policy. Missed or cancelled appointments without proper notice will result in full fee and/redemption of GC. However the more notice you could give us would be greatly appreciated. 24 business hours for single service booking 48 business hours for single side by side bookings, after 4pm and weekends 72 business hours for spa packages, groups, holiday bookings

Gratuity: A 15 % gratuity will be added to group bookings of 2 or more guests for spa packages/multiple services/body treatments over 1 hour, and single services for more than 2+ guests or 2+ hours, new sets of eye lash extensions

All sales are final.  
Gift Certificates never have an expiry date unless purchased under a promo or donation
Promotional Gift Certificates or Services are as per the guidelines for that special or event and can not be altered
Gift Certificates must be present at time of use.  Without Gift Certificate, service can not be redeemed